Different Types of Car Keys

Different Types of Car Keys

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There have been a wide variety of car keys developed in order to help car owners and drivers in simplifying their lives and in ensuring greater security for the cars as well. The manufacturers have always tried to bring in models which use high-tech ignition keys in order to make the entire process of opening the door and starting the cars easier. The type of car you have will often dictate the type of car key you will possess, and knowing about car keys for door locks and ignition will help you know how much it would cost you to get another one from an automotive locksmith.Different Types of Car Keys

Car Key Types

The various types of car keys include:

*   Mechanical car keys or mechanical cut car keys have now become extinct in the sense that no new car comes with mechanical car keys. However, there are still a number of old models which use this type of car key.

*   Machine cut car keys are probably the most popular among trucks, vans and larger vehicles though a few car brands also still produce cars that come with machine cut car keys. This kind of key is popular because of its simplicity, as compared to other types of keys for car locks and ignition.

*   An advanced version of the machine cut keys are now being produced as well and are actually named laser cut keys. These keys have the benefit that they are very difficult to pick and replicate and thus, common thieves find it impossible to steal cars which use laser cut keys. The best thing about these keys is that they are the same from both sides and it doesn’t matter how you insert it in the ignition, they would work. It would cost you a lot to get an ignition key replacement if you lose this key.

*   Transponder keys have become famous with time as well with many users preferring it because of the program that they use. The best thing about these keys is that it is impossible to forge them for any thief. They provide ignition security as well for the user. However, a malfunctioning transponder key can prove very problematic and you will require the services of a mobile locksmith in order to get it repaired.

Knowing about the kind of car key your car uses can help you in understanding how it works, and all this information can help you in assessing the security of your car

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